Do you feel like you’re just blogging for the sake of it? Don’t feel that your content is performing?

It’s a common problem. After doing this content marketing thing for a while you may feel that you’re just blogging because it’s “the done thing”. Nobody wants that.

Don’t be disheartened. As an SME in IT, tech, or digital media, you have boundless profile-raising, prospect-helping, content marketing potential. You just need a nudge in the right direction.

Rally against obscurity, double down on strategy.

Enter Obsidian’s Content Consultancy Service. Turn your content confusion into clarity and digital marketing dismay into direction with Obsidian’s content consultancy service.

Together, we’ll take a holistic view of your current content output and your business goals to provide actionable, practical advice on improving your online presence.

We’ll discuss any particular content aims or bugbears and work on strategies to eliminate the bad and work towards the good. No more making it up as you go along!

With your help, I will…

🔎 Carry out competitor research regarding your content
👁‍🗨 Carry out audience research within your sector
🔄 Evaluate your current content & strategy
🥅 Review your content goals for appropriateness and achievability
📢 Advise you on your current use of keywords
🎢 Gauge your on-page SEO effectiveness
🤳 Evaluate your use of content on social media
💡 Suggest new, exciting content ideas
⚡ Get you thinking more strategically about content
👓 Make suggestions to improve user experience
✏ Advise on different content formats
🪐 Discuss your content’s place in the larger sales journey
📊 Maintain a watchful, strategic eye over your analytics (ongoing support agreements only)

No content? No problem. This service is also open to those who are just starting out on their content marketing journey to make sure they start things off on the right foot.

This service can be offered as a “one-shot” service or as part of a long-term suite of support. If you’re after ongoing content writing support, I’m more than happy to help once your review is complete!

What Happens Now?

Let’s set a few expectations.

You: Need to be a UK- or Europe-based SME in the B2B IT, tech, or digital media space. All you need is an open mind and an eagerness to improve your marketing.

Me: I’m a professional explainer™ for the B2B IT/tech industry with 10+ years of writing digital copy and content. I specialise in explaining complex topics for a wide range of B2B audiences and formulating brand building content strategies.

Anything else? Be aware that this service is still in development. I’m certain you’ll receive a quality service but if we miss anything or if I find a better way of doing things along the way, I’ll be sure to bring you up to speed.

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