Tried & Trusted B2B Copywriting Services

Obsidian is trusted by organisations up and down the UK to create captivating copy and content. Here’s what some of my lovely clients had to say.

Take it away folks!

“Jenii is fantastic to work with. […] Her knowledge and the background work that she’s put in have paid dividends for us. Clear, lucid, logical copy which we’ve been able to use for website, datasheets and other marketing materials without modification (which is unusual for the highly technical IT area we operate in). I would highly recommend!”

Steve Wilkinson, Chief Technology Officer at Rebasoft Ltd

“We are so pleased we found Jenii to greatly improve our message about what we offer in the entertainment industry. Jenii took the time to look at [our] competition, identified what made us different, and produced the [copy] in a far more interesting way than we could have done. We fully recommend using Jenii’s services for any business, you will find her very friendly and professional.”

Dean Metcalfe, Director of The Magic of Dean, Edited Review from LinkedIn

“Jenii is a great copywriter and highly recommended. Jenii has a great way of interpreting a brief accurately and asking the right questions before starting a project. Her ability to write compelling B2B copy for websites and blogs is outstanding. Speak to Jenii if you are looking for any kind of B2B copywriting.”

Director of Wolverhampton-Based Digital Marketing Agency

“Jenii has been excellent to work with, taking the time to understand our business and what we want to achieve from the project. Some of the changes I wanted weren’t that easy to explain but she was able to make suggestions that worked well. I would recommend using a professional copywriter for sales letters, brochures, website content etc. and would not hesitate to recommend Jenii.”

Andrew Porter, Managing Director at CentrePrint Mailing & Printing Group

“Use without hesitation! Jenii is great – approachable, friendly and professional. She wrote a piece for me which didn’t need one amend – and I’m very very fussy. Highly recommended.”

Josie Hadley, Managing Director of Online Marketing Growth Ltd, from Yell Review

“I’d been going round in circles trying to put together a brochure and kept getting confused about the best way to put my message across. Jenii took some time to understand my business and my clients’ motivations and came up with a structured draft in the timescale promised. I was so impressed with the first draft I didn’t need to ask for any revisions (apart from a few minor personal preferences). The time and the cost involved was well worth it. I’m really pleased that I now have marketing materials that represent me and my business.”

Lindsay Milner, Principal Trainer at Silvern Training, Edited from Yell Review

“Our business has changed dramatically over the last 7 years; our decision to have a new web site left us with a copy issue of how to promote our company without losing sight of who we were. Jenii Lowe of Obsidian was recommended to us, and her input was invaluable. She asked the right, in depth questions and out of our answers delivered copy for the website, quickly and efficiently within an agreed time scale. Her professionalism and understanding of ‘what is needed’ are second to none – she is a pleasure to work with.”

Debra Lawrence, Sales Director at Lawrence Cleaning Ltd

“Jenii has written a great blog post for our website, finding out plenty of accurate detail and information. She has simplified a complicated part of our business into an engaging, easy to read, and informative article. Jenii kept us updated when completing work and ensured everything was completed within very reasonable timescales. Thanks Jenii – we look forward to working with you moving forward!”

Kylie Bellingham, Director of Soda Blasting Ltd, from Yell Review

“After meeting with Jenii, she has taken time and genuine attention to get to know my business and work with me to get the right balance and tone of voice for my content. Rather than being just the expert who knows best; she adds value by getting to know the clients needs and tailors the work accordingly. It is a pleasure and a real asset to my business being able to work with Obsidian as a business partner and not just a supplier.”

Peter Starr, Director of Chilli Pepper Development Ltd, from Yell Review

“Jenii completed a few copywriting tasks for our print and digital media and we were really impressed. She inventively reframed our existing messages whilst adding a persuasive and creative flair. Great work!”

Bhavinder Tak, Managing Director at Piranha Promotions

“I‘ve had the pleasure of working with Jenii on several high profile projects – and I must say the results have been absolutely brilliant! She has the uncanny knack of somehow getting it spot on first time round. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jenii to anyone looking for quality, cost effective copywriting.”

Director of Kingswinford-Based Marketing Agency

“[Jenii] quickly understood what I wanted and delivered it quickly. The content was great from the first draft – no need for any amendments!”

Ramona Mensah, Principal Architect at Mensah Studio, Edited from Yell Review

“It’s been great working with Jenii, she has delivered on every brief we have given her and is always willing to share her own ideas which greatly benefits the finished piece.”

Brendan O’Dea, Director at Plum Ideas Ltd

“We […] are delighted with [Jenii’s] output. Jenii has worked on many projects for us – from whitepapers to blogs – all of which have been completed to deadline at a very high standard. Would highly recommend Jenii, she’s a pleasure to work with!”

Jordan Ashman, Former Marketing Manager at FIVE CRM

“I have worked with Jenii on several occasions now, and each time found her copywriting very creative and well written. Jenii was very professional throughout the process, making it easy for me to outsource these services. Very reasonably priced and quick turn-around. Would not hesitate to recommend Jenii and Obsidian Content Creation.”

Victoria Coates, Client Services Manager at CFH Docmail Ltd, from Yell Review

“Jenii has written a wealth of digital marketing advice content for [us], and I can always rely on her work being consistent, original and informative. I highly recommend Jenii’s copywriting services to any business which has a need for thoughtful, expert and detailed content delivered on time and at great value. Thank you Jenii!”

Senior Marketing Manager at Yell

“Jenii took our ideas and made a sharp, enticing sales email that we can use for marketing. She could pinpoint exactly where our previous versions had not quite hit the mark and was able to correct this for us.”

Michelle Inman, Managing Director at Centu Consultancy Ltd

“We recently had the pleasure of working with Jenii from Obsidian Content Creation. We required a sales letter and new copy for our website; Jenii took a great deal of time to find out our requirements and kept us informed every step of the way. We are very happy with the finished results and would recommend her services to anyone.”

Rob Cox, Managing Director at Cool View Window Film

“Working with Jenii is a real pleasure; she produces thoroughly researched, well written content that’s delivered on schedule. I have no hesitation in recommending Obsidian to anyone looking for a professional copywriter.”

Matthew Verrall, Former Managing Director at Twente Express Ltd

“Jenii has a masterful grasp of language and can use her talents to interpret her client’s desire to paint a picture by use of the written word. And a thousand words can paint that picture. Affordable and effortlessly efficient, it has been a pleasure to work with Jenii on the first of hopefully many projects”

Trevor Lorkings, Managing Director at The Digital Alchemist