Is Your Content Marketing Getting its 5 a Day?

Content marketing is an essential part of the marketing mix – especially if you’re in a highly technical industry.

But there’s a lot more to content strategy than simply doing a spot of keyword research, picking out what topics you’re going to cover, and putting together a content plan. That stuff is all essential, but it’s just the pulp at the bottom of the glass. There’s so much more to be savoured, and that’s the stuff that really moves the needle in your content journey.

So join me for my on-demand webinar, The Juicy Stuff No One Tells You About Content Strategy, and we’ll explore the interesting, juicy strategic thinking behind creating a sweet, sweet content strategy.

A Shot of Vitamin C for Your Content Marketing

In this vitamin-packed, 30-minute-ish blast, I’ll talk about all of the delicious aspects of content strategy that often get left out of “one-stop-shop” content marketing advice online.

It’s short, but it’s powerful. Like one of those weird shots of green juice. But you won’t wince when you swallow it, I promise.

Thirsty for Strategy? Here’s What to Expect From the Session…

In this fun, on-demand, and energy-packed session, you’ll get:

  • A good grounding in all of the boring (but essential) content marketing strats.
  • 8+ juicy strategic content marketing considerations to take your content marketing to the next level.
  • Useful tips & tricks that I’ve accrued over a decade of working with written digital media.
  • My personal take on the AI content writing revolution.
  • Lifetime access to the video and my slides, as well as any updates I may make to them.
  • 30 minutes of my dulcet Black Country tones.
  • My eternal thanks.

What you won’t get from this session:

A corny sales pitch. This isn’t one of those webinars where the entire bloomin’ back half is ramping up to a call to purchase.

I’ll be popping up in your inbox from time to time, so if you vibe with me and want to work together, that would be great! Just reach out.

About Your Speaker: Jenii Lowe

I’m Jenii Lowe, a specialist B2B content writer, content strategist, and digital marketing consultant, but I prefer calling myself a professional explainer™, online visibility oracle, and marketing problem solver.

I provide no-nonsense marketing text and a strategy-first service to SMEs in a wide range of tech and digital sectors; helping tech-focused B2Bs across the UK and Europe turn their audience into paying clients.