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Show Notes

Today we’re asking what exactly is the point of content marketing? You and I both know content marketing is all about creating blogs and videos and what have you, but what’s the end goal here?

What’s the End Goal of Content Marketing?

Content is created to build brand awareness and trust. When you address in-demand topics in your content, there’s a chance that people who are looking for answers to those questions will stumble across your site – most likely via search. Because people are more likely to be looking for answers rather than your specific brand name, your brand then becomes present in their mind, making it great for brand awareness. Creating content also gives you ammunition to share on social media.

By openly sharing useful, practical information in your content, you get people on-side. Once readers value you and follow you, you have a better chance of convincing them to take further action – such as buying – as opposed to trying to appeal to a total stranger.

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