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Show Notes

Today we’re talking about one of the granddaddies of copywriting formulae. In fact, most copywriting formulae follow the PAS pattern.

What is the PAS Copywriting Formula?

PAS is an acronym that posits the three stages your marketing should lead your reader through – Problem, Agitate, & Solve.

Firstly, you highlight the problem – this is usually the pain point that you help the user overcome. Remember the final upshot of what you’re trying to sell; for example, you’re not selling an offsite backup service, you’re selling peace of mind.

Next, you need to agitate that problem. What potential cost may come with inaction? Going back to our offsite backup example – ask your reader how lost data would impact their day to day operations and ultimately their bottom line? Remind the reader of the potential worst case scenario – but it always needs to be in a gentle, respectful way, of course. If they start welling up, you’ve gone *way* too far.

And then – solve! If the reader wants to avoid the problems you’ve discussed, now’s the time to position yourself as the ideal solution.

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