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Show Notes

Today I want to talk about a habit that helps to establish a strong foundation for excellent copy. I’ve talked elsewhere about how empathy is an essential part of copywriting but so is lateral thinking.

The Importance of Lateral Thinking in Copywriting

In order to produce well-rounded copy, we need to really get into the customer’s shoes and think not just about the direct upshot of your product or service, but think laterally about the broader, less direct, more subtle knock-on effects that it can bring.

Take customer relationship management (CRM) systems for example. They’re far more than just a database of your clients and prospects. They’re much less time consuming than paper systems, giving your sales team valuable space to close deals whilst also reducing your company’s carbon footprint.

So when they’re presented with a piece of marketing about yet another CRM system, companies can easily brush that off. But raising productivity whilst caring for the environment? Most companies will sit up and take notice at that.

This is why it pays to think laterally about your offering from all angles. So give it a go! You might even surprise yourself.

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