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Today I want to talk to you about the place of content in the buyer’s journey.

Content Marketing’s One Major Misconception

Content marketing is a great marketing channel, but it is marred by one massive misconception; the thought that someone will consume a single piece of content from you and feel so inspired by it that they will buy from you immediately.

Come on. How many times have you read a single blog, seen a video, or consumed a downloadable from a supplier and decided then and there that they need to take your money like the Fry from Futurama meme? Chances are, not many.

Content marketing is inherently a slow burn. It’s not a case of “publish one blog and the buyers will come” like more direct, conversion-heavy PPC ads or landing pages are. No, content plays the long game. Consuming a video or blog put out there by your organisation is just one of the 6-12 (or probably more) prospect interactions that come before a sale. Hence why you have to publish more than one piece over time.

How Content Marketing Works

When you publish a piece of content, what generally happens is this:

Now obviously this is a very idealised, highly simplified version of the content-to-purchase journey. Some people peace out before they become proper card-carrying members of any of the three groups. Maybe their needs change. Maybe a competitor offer leapfrogs yours in their eyes It happens. Some particularly indecisive people flit between stages indefinitely. Some people may not quite be in the right market for what you sell but they enjoy your output and wish you well anyway!

So simply creating content doesn’t equal immediate conversions and success. It’s also important to remember that the buyer’s journey isn’t your only hurdle – you have to create awesome, engaging content in the first place, you have to make sure that your content ticks the right SEO boxes, improve each piece iteratively over time, get your distribution right, balance it with your other marketing channels, and keep an eye on the all-important analytics.

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