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Show Notes

Today I want to talk about a curse that may be holding you back in your content marketing endeavours, especially when it comes to choosing content topics. It’s called “the curse of knowledge”.

What is the “Curse of Knowledge”?

Knowledge, in and of itself, isn’t a curse. This term refers to a psychological phenomenon where we presume everyone has the same knowledge as we do. You, of course, know your industry like the back of your hand – but now that information is so ingrained in your mind, it’s hard to imagine ever not knowing that stuff.

We therefore have more of a tendency to (wrongly) consider that information common knowledge. So (if we continue with this erroneous way of thinking) there’s no point in creating content about anything in your field that’s too basic because everyone knows that information, right? Wrong.

There are likely to be individuals in your audience who need the basics explaining to them. So don’t be afraid of sharing some of your more “entry level” knowledge. Even if you’re only one or two steps ahead of your reader’s expertise, you likely still know things that they don’t, so don’t be afraid to share.

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