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Show Notes

Alright bab? Ow am ya? Today I want to talk to you about another one of my favourite copywriting formulae – the BAB or Before, After, Bridge copywriting formula.

What is the BAB Copywriting Formula?

BAB is a persuasive formula that stands for “Before, After, Bridge”. You start by acknowledging the reader’s status quo – where are they’re at now and what’s causing them bother. That’s the before.

Once you’ve set the scene, you ask them to imagine a world with those pain points alleviated in a way that your product or service can provide. That’s the after.

Then you bridge the gap between the two – revealing that the world described in the “after” can be theirs with the help of your solution.

Here’s a quick example for a fictional cloud backup company:

If you operate a small business, keeping backups on-site can be a real worry – should something happen to your premises, all of your data could be wiped out. But what if you had an enterprise-class offsite cloud backup solution at your disposal? One that that operates discreetly, uploading files to UK-based data centres in real time? This is exactly what Fictional Backup service provides. Our reliable off-site backup solution can be yours today.

It’s a great little formula, so have fun!

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