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Show Notes

I have an important question for you all today – are you repurposing your content?

I’d hate to think that there was some organisation out there, going to the trouble of spending hours creating a blog post only to chuck it on social media once and call it a day. As a content creator, you can be doing so much more.

Getting Started with Content Recycling

Whether you create blog posts, videos, podcasts, think how long the information ensconced within that piece is going to be useful. If the content is evergreen and the advice is unlikely to change, you can keep promoting that content through email marketing and social media for as long as it stays useful.

If the content does have a bit of a use-by date, then you are going to need to milk it for all it’s worth within that shorter, more limited timescale. How you do that without sounding like a broken record to your followers all depends on things like the algorithms of the platforms you use, the different contextual angles with which you can frame that topic (say, in social posts), and the relationship you have with the followers on each platform.

How to Start Repurposing Your Content

Now let’s get on with some actual repurposing. Think of all the different media we all have at our fingertips nowadays:

With a bit of ingenuity, one piece of content can be turned into many different kinds of multimedia. This helps you expand your content’s presence, reach, and variety without having to start the creation process from scratch!

As an aside, providing additional media can instantly make your content more accessible to those with visual, hearing, or processing impairments. (Something I’m looking to do shortly with my own blog posts… watch this space…)

I can’t quite remember who put it in these terms for me but it’s perfect: think of your content like a band does a song. Bands don’t just release a single once and then you never hear it ever again (for better or worse). They release extended cuts; create remixes; play the song live; include it on compilations; put it on streaming platforms; and get it played on radio. They squeeze the most possible juice out of that track for as long as people want to listen to it and get value from it.

And that’s how content should be.

So make the most of every post by repurposing it into different media – it can become a blog post, a video, a podcast, an infographic – the sky’s the limit!

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