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Show Notes

In this video, I want to talk about most important word you must use when crafting your copy. Looking around at examples of copy online I see a lot of companies bigging themselves up wrongly. Companies get tempted to go on about how great we are and the things we do and why we do it.

But when crafting great copy, the most important isn’t us, we, or I – it’s “YOU”, referring to your clients. Good marketing needs to come from a sincere understanding of your clients and their needs. Effective copy therefore focuses on the reader and what they want to solve, not just what you want to sell.

You know and I know you and your offering is great, but don’t fall into the trap of leading with “we’re great!” kind of language. Think about how your offering plays into the reader’s life, and as Ann Handley famously said “make the customer the hero of your story”.

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