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Show Notes

If you want to focus a reader’s attention throughout a piece of writing, one great way of doing so is harnessing the power of the curiosity gap.

What is The Curiosity Gap?

We are psychologically attuned to seeing things play out and be resolved. So when a thread is left untied or one element isn’t fully explained away, it creates a certain tension. Think of it like the end of TV programme where they leave just enough unanswered so you’ll tune in next time. Or even the start of TV programme where it opens with a huge mystery, providing just enough curious conflicting information to keep you wondering.

When it comes to content, you can keep people’s attention in this way by crafting a tempting title, yet saving the real Eureka moments until the end; teasing the reader with tantalising bread crumbs all the way through the piece.

In terms of copy, you can try leading with your grandest claims and most stellar testimonials, leaving readers to wonder how these feats were achieved. The answer of course would be by working with you!

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