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Show Notes

Today I want provide a few beginner tips about writing a bostin call to action. The psychology of writing great copy doesn’t just apply to longer more prosaic swathes of marketing text – it applies to the call to action too.

The CTA is the most important, practical part after all! But merely saying “click here” or “call now” is a bit bland nowadays. So what’s a budding writer to do?

How Do You Create a Great CTA (Call to Action)?

Well, start by using active language; include the best verb to describe the action in question. “Book a Demo” or “Shop Now” are great examples – “Get [money or a percentage] off” is a good one too as it states exactly what they’re going to get.

I’m also a fan of referring to the reader in the first person in CTAs, such as “Schedule My Free Consultation” rather than “Schedule Your Free Consultation”.

It can also sometimes be a good idea to keep the user from feeling too tied down – for example, “Try Free Today” feels like much less of a commitment than “Create Account”.

[2021 EDIT: Another point here – remember that analytics are your friend! If you feel a CTA isn’t performing well, try a different one and test it! If your results are the same after a few different tries, then it’s probably not the CTA that’s letting you down.]

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