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Show Notes

Today I want to talk to you about staying consistent as a professional writer. Obviously this is viewed through my copy and content writer’s lens, but other kinds of writer may be able to find inspiration here too.

One of the most important aspects to consistency for me is planning ahead. I set up outlines for copy and content ahead of time and separately from the main task of writing each piece. I generally do this on a monthly basis. At the very least, I craft a bare rundown of headings and themes so I can hit the ground running when I come to flesh out that particular piece.

I call these proto-plans “skeletons” and I have all of my most mission-critical ones on a board in front of my desk. [2021 EDIT: They’re now stored electronically to save paper, but the point still stands.]

Secondly, my other important tip for consistent writing is merely to show up. Even if you feel like procrastinating, you might as well procrastinate whilst looking at your project or relevant research materials. That might just be enough to get the ideas flowing freely again.

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