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Show Notes

Let’s talk about choosing relevant content ideas. When I first started Obsidian, I tended to write blog posts for the company’s website about new and novel things I was learning as a new business owner. For example, I published a full-blown article about Google Analytics referral spam that I’m still quite proud of, though it’s long gone now.

But my website is for, and has always been for, businesses looking for copy or content writing services. How relevant are the ins and outs of referral spam to those looking for a copywriter? In hindsight, not very. Herein lies the lesson that I learned the hard way…

Every piece of content you produce needs to add specific value to your target audience. It also needs to meet their needs and expectations, and tie seamlessly into your company’s core offering. So dust off that list of content ideas (extra brownie points if you have a fully detailed content calendar) and put each topic under the figurative microscope. Judge each idea with hefty helpings of realistic objectivity and good old fashioned common sense.

If you’re unsure how any given topic will fare with your audience – ask them! Whether that’s through an extensive questionnaire or a simple social media poll, market research is now easier than ever.

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