Meaningful Web Copy that Attracts and Converts

The web is a noisy and distracting place. Grabbing a reader’s attention and keeping them focused on your brand takes more than a well-designed, technically savvy website – you need them hanging on every word.

Your company’s website is your online promotional base of operations, so your copy needs to persuade, promote, and describe the practicalities of what you provide. And don’t forget about SEO!

When you work with Obsidian, we’ll discuss your company at length so I can get a handle on your goals, your target audience, your competition, and your overall ethos. I pride myself on getting to know each client closely so I can write meaningful copy on their behalf.

Obsidian’s website copywriting:

Engaging SEO Copywriting That’s More Than Just Boasting on the Internet

Truly compelling copy isn’t just a case of saying “we’re great, buy from us”. It needs to start with your reader, addressing the problem you solve and giving them tangible reasons why you’re the best option around.

Working with Obsidian puts the right expertise at your disposal to attract business and get eyeballs on your brand.

So if you’ve got a new site in the works or need an overhaul on an existing site, click here to request a free quote.