Page-Turning Copy for B2B Brochures, Flyers & Leaflets

In our “always on” digital world, it’s easy to forget that “old school” marketing methods can be just as effective as digital channels.

Copy needs to convey the nuts and bolts of your offering – of course – but above everything it needs to invoke an emotional connection.

I’ll go to lengths to understand your service and your audience, and I’ll craft copy that pinpoints where their need overlaps with your solution. All copy produced by Obsidian is skilfully composed, with attention and persuasion considered above all else.

Whether it’s working solely with yourself or alongside a design or editorial team, I’ll bring my expertise to the table in getting your promotional literature from your mind’s eye to the printed page.

Obsidian’s print copywriting service:

Copy that Puts your Imprint on the Market

I know it takes a lot of trust to have an outsider write copy on your behalf. Rest assured I’ll consult closely with you to get a handle on what makes your company stand out and I’ll create persuasive, page-turning copy that keeps eyeballs on your brand.

Carefully constructed marketing text can smash through buyer resistance and puts your best points front and centre.

Where Obsidian Can Help…

Leaflets, Flyers & Brochure Copywriting

Sometimes the old ways are the best. There’s a real tactile benefit to print marketing, but great design and funky card stock only goes so far! You need a clear message and a strong call to action to persuade your reader to buy.

Publication Ad Copywriting

When you’re paying good money to publications for an ad spot, you want to make every penny count. I’ll craft copy that leaps from the page and makes a meaningful connection between the publication’s readership and your offering.

Direct Marketing Copywriting

When a piece of marketing lands on someone’s front doormat, your design and copy have to work hard to keep it from going straight in the bin. When you’re marketing to potentially colder leads, you need savvy copy to keep readers on-side without being cheesy, salesy, or boring.

Copyediting & Proofreading

You need your reader’s attention to stay on the message at hand, not on critiquing your ad’s spelling and grammar! If you’re happy with your message but feel it needs a grammatical once-over – as well as a marketer’s touch – get in touch for my expert second opinion.

So whatever you’re trying to achieve in print, make sure your message is on point. Drop me a line for your free quote.