Cold-Outreach Sales Copy that Doesn’t Feel Chilly

Whether you prefer to use bulk email or good old-fashioned snail-mail, any direct mail campaigns need robust copy that keeps the recipient reading through to every single word.

We receive so much digital and physical bumf these days, you need copy that will stand head and shoulders above the rest to stop your campaign from automatically being thrown away.

You need to lead with a powerful value proposition straight out of the gate; whether that’s through an engaging tagline on a physical envelope or an attention-grabbing email subject line. Expertly crafted copy is essential to getting the best return on your direct marketing spend.

I go to lengths to get to know your precise audience and their pain points, then write in a way that’ll leave your campaign standing out from the rest.

Obsidian provide:

Isn’t Direct Marketing Dead?

For all of the worry about GDPR, direct marketing is still alive and well. In fact, it’s better than ever! Because recipients now have to actively consent to receiving marketing materials, you know that your audience are aware of your offering and consciously want you to stay on their radar.

Yes, contact lists may be shorter than before, but you’re writing to warmer leads, potentially resulting in higher conversion rates.

Obsidian’s Direct Copywriting Services

Postal Mail Copywriting

When a sales letter comes through your door, both design and copy need to make a real impact, otherwise your hard work may simply go in the bin! Your copy needs to lead with the benefits you provide straight off the bat – every word counts. I’ll identify what makes your audience tick and what means the most to them from a supplier.

Email Marketing Copywriting

Cut through the digital noise and stand out in your readers’ inboxes! I’ll get to know your offering and your customers’ situation and formulate meaningful email copy that highlights where their needs and your offering overlap.

So if you’ve got a direct marketing campaign planned, contact me for a free, no-obligation quote today!