B2B Blog Writing Retainers & Content Marketing Strategy

Stay one step ahead of the competition online with inventive, sharply written, regularly delivered blog content.

The tangible value of content marketing is undeniable. Releasing regular, well-produced blog content establishes you as an expert in your field, whilst also potentially boosting brand awareness, growing website traffic, and increasing your SEO visibility.

Blogging provides the most marketing traction when done regularly. But when you’re a small, busy team, putting time aside for blogging isn’t as simple as it sounds. Many businesses simply don’t have the time to sit down and write in-depth articles on a recurrent basis.

Thankfully, blogging can easily be outsourced on a retainer basis – and you’re in safe hands with Obsidian Content Creation.

I’ll work with you to identify topics in your niche that are strategically ripe for blogging; all selected with a view to driving traffic and showcasing your expertise. Then I’ll craft highly engaging and shareable blog content that’ll keep your audience hanging on every word.

But blogging is far more than just keeping your website ticking over with new content. It’s an ongoing commitment to sharing meaningful knowledge, fostering positive SEO signals, and keeping your followers coming back for more.

My blogging clients get the best value from me when we work on a long-term retainer basis – this allows me to really get under the skin of any business and make sound strategic suggestions to help propel you forward.

Obsidian’s blogging retainer support provides:

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Why Should I Blog?

When you create extensive blog posts about magnetic, market-relevant topics, you prove your expertise and authority in your field. By publishing original, informative content and promoting it across multiple marketing channels, your brand stays at the forefront of your prospects’ awareness online.

Regularly updating your website with informative, high-quality blog posts can also help boost your SEO presence. Keeping your website frequently updated with fresh content tells search engines that you care about keeping your site current and providing useful information to your visitors

However, building a bank of riveting blog content doesn’t just benefit you. You’re effectively curating a library of valuable resources for customers, social followers, email subscribers, and web searchers alike.

If you’re still on the fence, check out these 14 reasons why most businesses should be blogging.

Obsidian – A Strategic Content Marketing Partner

At Obsidian, I provide more than just a blog writing service. Yes, if you need words on a page I’ll write them but my best work comes from long-term strategic collaboration. I’ll keep an eye on your entire content marketing picture and provide strategic advice about how we can build buzz around your brand.

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Content Marketing – More Than Just Blogging!

I can help with all kinds of content creation – not just blogging.

Email Marketing

When was the last time you wrote to your email subscribers? If you update them too infrequently, you have to build brand awareness effectively from scratch each time you reach out. Keep your mailing list in the loop with regular, informative, consistent, and persuasively written marketing emails.

Lead Magnets & “Freebie” Ebooks

Before you worry about email marketing, you need subscribers. Offering a free downloadable in exchange for an email address is a great way to fill your mailing list with qualified leads. I’ll create a useful, desirable document that grows your reach and cements your brand in the reader’s mind.

Content Marketing Strategy

Even the most carefully crafted content is useless if it doesn’t follow a cohesive marketing strategy. As well as receiving stellar blog posts, my retainer clients also get to tap into my strategic content marketing expertise. Together, we’ll work out an achievable, common sense approach to content that is anchored to your marketing needs and business practicalities.

Not ready for a retainer but want my strategic input anyway? Check out my one-shot consultancy package! For just a one-off fee and a couple of hours of your time, we can examine your entire content picture from head to toe and identify strategic ways to project your brand online. More details here>>

Podcast & Video Scripting

Some writing is meant to be read out loud! Drawing on my expertise in marketing and broadcast communications I’ll create conversational scripts in line with your audio-visual media needs.

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