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Nowadays, all firms need to interact with IT or technology in some way, but not all of them understand it. So, tech-driven industries are often faced with two huge problems straight out of the gate – communication and comprehension. To those in the know, acronyms and jargon are a part of our day-to-day life. But client-based purchasing teams may not have a particularly firm grasp on tech topics.

It’s a tough one – you don’t want your excellent IT or telecoms solutions to whoosh over a prospect’s head, but you don’t want to talk down to them either.

Most non-technical execs and decision makers don’t have time to swallow a manual before making (sometimes quite pressing) purchasing decisions, so they need copy that puts things in real terms. You need your prospects to fundamentally understand the issues you solve and to directly state the tangible benefits they’ll enjoy when working with you, without blinding them with science.

Your Very Own Professional Explainer™

JeniiHere’s the corny “that’s where I come in” part. I’m Jenii, an experienced IT copywriter and qualified tech nerd. I recognise that – pervasive though technology is – we can’t just assume that everyone’s an expert. Tech-focused industries need a professional explainer™ (like myself) on hand to help present their solutions to the world at large, build brand awareness, and boost sales.

I take time to wrap my head around each client’s unique benefits and translate that into no-nonsense, grounded copy and/or content. I blend my meticulous commercial writing skills with your technological wizardry, zeroing in on the problems that you solve for your customer base.

Don’t let valuable sales slip through your fingers. It’s time to invest in tech-savvy writing that encourages comprehension and conversions.

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Who I’ve Worked For

I’ve worked with IT and tech companies of all shapes and sizes throughout the UK. Focusing on small to medium B2Bs, I’ve proudly written for clients within the following verticals:

Alas, no data centres, robotics firms, or data analytics companies just yet though – could you be the first?

What I Do

As a professional copy and content writer, I produce easy to follow, persuasive, and informative sales text for tech-focused B2Bs up and down the UK. I can pick up and run with most general IT concepts and pride myself on my keen research skills when faced with something that’s new to me.

I provide a wide range of commercial writing services, including:

What I Don’t Do

I’m a dedicated marketing and sales copywriter, meaning that I don’t produce technical documentation like manuals or reports. I’m a B2B specialist, so I only serve companies who sell solutions to other companies.

But I do do the kind of writing that gets you seen and encourages new business. Through my copywriting services, I aim to pique your reader’s interest, cement their understanding, and persuade them to buy.

What To Do Next

Stuck wondering how to explain your company to a non-techy audience? Or struggling to convince your clients that they need your IT products or services? Get in touch for no-nonsense, relatable, understandable copy from an experienced IT copywriter. For a free, no-obligation consultation and quote, drop me a line today.

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