B2B Content Writer, Content Marketing Specialist, Copywriter, and Professional Explainer

We all know the power of saying the right thing. Marketing copy and content is no exception.

Promotional content is far more than simply filling an empty space – it’s an opportunity to nurture readers ever closer to a sale. Wherever your copy or content appears, it needs to speak candidly to your audience – understanding their situation, engaging them, and pitching your company as the best solution.

But the time and expertise to write snappy, creative copy – and engaging, exploratory content – isn’t always available in-house, especially if you’re a small-to-medium organisation.

My name’s Jenii and I’m a specialist B2B content writer, copywriter, content strategy consultant, and professional explainer. I provide no-nonsense marketing text and a personal service to SMEs in a wide variety of tech and marketing sectors; helping companies all across the UK turn readers into buyers.

Obsidian offers content writing support; content marketing consultancy; website and print copywriting; and direct mail copywriting. Put simply, I take the whole writing shebang off your hands, so you’ve got more time to work on your business.

I’ve worked with companies of all sizes and in a vast range of industries, so I’m experienced in dealing with the marketing struggles that various organisations face.

So if you’re a UK-based tech or marketing B2B in need of content writing or copywriting help – you’re in the right place. Stick around and check out the services that I offer or sign up to my mailing list.